With over 20 years of professional experience and continuing development, Premier Pointing have restored and renovated the brick work of homes, churches, town halls and heritage buildings all over NSW.

Brick & Stone Repointing

Natural weathering can decay the mortar between your bricks, potentially causing crumbling & rising damp. Repointing is the intricate process of removing decayed mortar & carefully injecting a matching mortar whilst maintaining the original joint profile. Joints are restored using specially formulated Premier Pointing Mortar - greatly improving the appearance and resilience of your building.


Looking to make a feature of the historical character of your building? Tuckpointing is the application of a raised white, black or red line on top of the restored joints. Tuckpointing is an art form that requires skilled craftsmanship. It can provide high definition results - significantly enhancing your building's facade.

Restoring Brick and Stone

Experiencing fretted, bowed or loose brickwork? Once this process starts it can potentially lead to cracks, disrepair & collapse. Premier Pointing's restoration service is individualised based on your building's needs. Fretted or eroded brickwork can be restored with matching bricks - protecting your building's integrity for years to come.

Lintel and Arch Bar Replacement

Lintels & Arch bars provide the main support structure surrounding your windows, doors & openings. Rusting of bars requires replacement using Premier Pointing's Hot Dipped Galvanised stainless steel or concrete bars - preventing corrosion, bulging and water penetration.

Remedial Wall Tie Replacement & Installation

Is your building located near the ocean? Salt can cause the deterioration of wall ties, leaving cavity walls unsupported and compromised. As a potential alternative to re-building walls, Premier Pointing can install remedial ties using the Thor Helical system - strengthening and stabilising your building.

Damp Proof Course & Flashing Replacement & Installation

Rising damp and moisture can severely decay your brick walls and structures. Premier Pointing can repair and install new DPC & Flashing to prevent further water damage. A blocked cavity clean can be provided if required.

Ventilation Replacement & Installation

Ventilation is required for air flow within the buildings cavities. Vents and weep holes are installed at regular intervals or problem areas to prevent moisture build up. Weep holes are essential and long term in brick facades, yet vents may need replacing due to weather, age and decay.

Water Repellant

Westox Water Repellant is a clear impregnating water repellant that penetrates and chemically reacts with the surface, preventing deterioration by keeping water out, and allowing moisture to escape. The water repellant is applied after repointing for optimum moisture prevention.

Scaffolding Services

Premier Pointing can supply and erect our own scaffolding. Our trained staff provide safety compliant platforms for our team to complete works on multi storey, hard to reach or awkward positioned buildings. This allows us to work independently and cost effectively.


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  • Strata & Owner Corporations:
    Premier Pointing can work alongside and coordinate with industry professionals to deliver an exceptional brick restoration or repair project with full legislative compliance.
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings:
    Owners of residential and commercial brick buildings can rely on our high standard of professionalism, service and careful tenant consideration to complete any size project.
  • Heritage Associations:
    Various remedial techniques, attention to detail, patience and experience enables Premier Pointing to provide Heritage projects with the respect and integrity they deserve.


  • Commitment:
    The Premier Pointing team are committed to helping you maintain the integrity of your home or building facade.
  • Quality:
    Our experienced team and continuing professional development ensure we can deliver a High Standard of Quality & Service.
  • Experience:
    With experience ranging from restoring the London Underground railway network, to restoring a multi storey heritage building in the heart of Sydney, we are the best.


  • Roger Westlake:
    Roger’s career as a professional Bricklayer, Tuckpointer, Remedial Brickwork, Repointing and Restoration specialist spans over 30 years and 2 continents.
  • Neil O’Connor:
    Neil has extensive experience as a Bricklayer, Repointing, Remedial Brickwork & Restoration specialist, Lintel & Arch bar Replacement specialist and is our Scaffolder.
  • Barry Taylor:
    Barry has worked with Roger and Neil for almost 20 years as a Repointing, Remedial Brickwork and Restoration specialist and is our Tuckpointing expert.


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