Reignite your inspiration for restoration…

Have you started to notice that whenever you’re admiring your brick house or building, instead of feeling proud, you feel uninspired? Or is the sight of that crumbling stone wall making you exhale a little sigh every time you step outside?

Remember the days when you would look at your beautiful brick home/building and simply think “what a lovely place to live”? Remember when the walls of your home made you feel secure and comfortable?

Well, if your bricks are looking a little worse for wear and you need some encouragement to finally contact that repointing company… We’ve decided to help you fall back in love with your home again by putting together a little inspiration list. Or shall we say, “brickspiration”…

If you live in Sydney, count yourself lucky. Sydney’s streets are lined with stunning brick & stone homes and buildings. From the CBD’s grand cathedrals & town halls, the unique terraces in Paddington & Surry Hills; to the federation homes in the leafy Northern Suburbs.  There is an abundance of buildings that will give you the push you need to restore your own. No matter how large or little.

We wanted to get your restoration juices flowing, by compiling a list of some (we couldn’t fit them all) of our favourite brick & stone buildings/homes in Sydney. Have a look, and prepare to reignite your passion for restoration.

1.Sydney Town Hall

483 George St, SydneyUntitled design

We may as well start at one of the grandest stone buildings in Sydney, right? Built in-between 1868-1889, Sydney Town Hall was considered to be one of Sydney’s most extravagant buildings. Architect John Henry Watson, wanted it to be enjoyed by generation after generation. Would you like the next generation to enjoy your brick home? Now’s the best time to find the right people to look after it.


2. UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

8, 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo

You might have seen images of this unusual building circulating the media when it was finished last year. It was dubbed the “brown paper bag” building, because of its crumpled appearance. And yes, the nickname does ring true, although you can’t deny the truly inspiring brickwork that went into creating this iconic building. Each brick was custom made, and designed to reflect Sydney’s sand stone heritage.

3. The Old Clare Hotel

1 Kensington st, Chippendale

If restoration inspiration is what you need, then the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale is the perfect example of turning a little neglect back into glory. The architect firm involved were also responsible for restoring the iconic Carriageworks Building.

4. Surry Hills, Chippendale, Paddington…

Sydney truly has some amazing terrace brick houses. Wether they’re small and rustic or grand and extravagant. You’ll be sure to find some brick terrace ‘inspo’ if you take a drive around the streets of suburbs like Surry Hills, Chippendale, Paddington, Newtown and many more.

So if you’re getting tired of feeling unimpressed with you’re own home, keep in mind that you’ll want an experienced team that can restore your home to it’s former glory. As always, if you have any questions about brick or stone restoration, give us a call on 0450 924 080 or request a free quote.