In Sydney’s northern suburb of Naremburn, Premier Pointing Pty Ltd transformed the external brickwork, from tired to fantastic! The two unit blocks each approx 300 m2, showed normal signs of age – missing mortar between bricks, damaged bricks, (such as chipped bricks, cracked bricks, fretted bricks), rusted or damaged lintels, aging air vents and a leaning front fence.

Our qualified specialist and assistants swiftly erected Quickstage scaffold (with shade cloth) to allow access to high areas.

We arranged for the power lines, running from the street to the building to be professionally covered by AUSGRID. This ensured the safety of our customers, their property and ourselves.

Our team quickly removed (ground out or raked out) the old mortar and disposed of rubbish carefully and safely. We repointed fresh  mortar throughout the entire building, half round finish – to look exactly as the original brickwork.

Any damaged bricks, chipped bricks, cracked bricks or fretted bricks were replaced after brick colour matching – or brick staining where necessary.

We replaced over 40 lintels (angle or arch bars) ranging from 0.8 m to 2.6 m. The lintels support the brickwork above windows and doorways. In this case we used Heavy duty galvanised steel Angle Bars.

We changed the DPC (Damp Proof Course) which helps protect the internal walls from any moisture or damp problems. We often replace the DPC at the same time as the lintel, this ensures maximum damp-proofing and structural support above openings.

The original building had a stunning Art Deco Glass window feature in each unit, 16 decorative glass blocks near the front entry, providing light and character as you walked in. One unit had the window covered with bricks from the outside – greatly reducing the internal light… so we restored the glass block window to its former glory.

We repaired the leaning garden wall as it showed signs of age, missing mortar, damaged bricks and cracked bricks. The missing mortar allowed the bricks to drift apart creating cracks down the facade.

The owners requested we build the letterbox into the front gate pier. We took down the existing front gate pier, rebuilt the lower part of the pier, installed the letterbox and finished building the pier to its original height. Now that letterbox won’t be moving for a while!

All our work is professionally cleaned using a customized high pressure wash. This removes any mortar marks or smudges on the brickwork and gives the ultimate finish = vibrant brickwork!

The Naremburn job, from start to finish took a little over 6 weeks. During that time, we raked out about 300 m2 of brickwork, repointed approximately 500 kgs of new mortar, replaced over 40 lintels, checked DPC on all windows and doorways, replaced over 60 damaged bricks, rebuilt a front wall, installed a new letterbox into the front gate pier and VALUE ADDED unknown amounts to the property!

Repointed Facade.

Restored Art Deco front.

Restored Glass Window – outside.