Premier Pointing

How we work with our staff and clients…

We believe in lateral leadership, a concept that recognises that each person holds their own expertise, and that leadership can be across the board.

Our management team have worked together for over 25 years – they are friends as well as dedicated work colleagues. There is trust and understanding in these relationships, and this mutual respect permeates all aspects of the company. We operate on the principle that ‘a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’, and this is replicated in every aspect of leadership within the company.

We are a small team, which allows our leadership style to be personable, and direct contact between directors and craftspeople. We teach everyone to be proud of their skill, so you can walk away with pride.

We offer insight into best practices and innovative techniques, preservation and conservation of heritage stock, environmental considerations, this relates to conversations with clients, in which we aim to show the importance of preserving and maintaining the facades of classic architectural buildings, and how this is based on respect for the integrity of the site, physically, historically, financially – and as a structure that houses community.

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