Premier Pointing

Our Goals – revisited…

Considering the recent inflation issues, supplier costs, staff shortages and hectic weather, the fact that we are still here working with an extensive waiting list, is humbling.

The past few years were hard, not just for us – but for everyone! This year, 2023, our primary focus has been to maintain operations and keep providing the high value services we do!

Because our day-to-day operations are directly affected by the weather, we have designed our workflow for work progression stages, so that we can take advantage of dry weather but not have to down tools during the wet. This has allowed us to achieve more than we thought possible.

We have maintained overwhelmingly positive feedback from all our associates, customers and we are extremely proud of the work/ life balance we help our employees to achieve.

Does maintaining a positive outlook count as a goal? We feel as if, despite everything, we can always see ‘blue sky’, and that is an achievement, in morale and future thinking, though this is understandably hard to quantify!

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