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Premier Pointing’s Factory-made Mortar

All our mortar is factory-made, which ensures our mortar is CONSISTENT in QUALITY and COLOUR across ALL our jobs.

We have worked for years in the Masonry industry and have valuable alliances with leading professionals. Westlegate Pty Ltd, are premium manufacturers and suppliers of masonry materials, both locally and globally. 

As we use A LOT of mortar, Westlegate P/L custom-brand our packaging and ensure we have plenty of stock on hand at all times.

For those jobs where we need to match the existing mortar colour, our team will trial and test various proportions until we find the ‘as close as possible’ match.

We provide test panels to see the different colour/s and or finishes of mortar (free of charge upon quote confirmation) 

Our mortar complies with Australian Standards AS3700 and is Class M3 Mortar. 

What is Mortar made from?

The first mortar was made with lime and sand #1. In the early 20th century, masons started using Portland Cement, a strong, fast-drying cement. Masonry cement made its appearance in the 1930s, which is a combination of Portland cement and ground limestone.

In the past, lime mortar tended to be mixed on-site with ‘whatever sand was locally available’. As the sand affects the colour of the lime mortar, the colour of pointing mortar would vary dramatically from site to site, or from facade to facade! Can you imagine?!

What does Australia Standard AS7300 & M3 Mortar mean? 

“The durability performance requirement in AS 3700 is that a masonry member or structure shall withstand the expected wear and deterioration throughout its intended life (taking into account the exposure environment and the importance of the structure) without the need for undue maintenance. The standard recommends the use of a range of classes of mortar for different exposure conditions. It also gives deemed-to-satisfy mortar compositions for each class of mortar.” #2

M3 is a mortar mix ratio, this general ‘all-purpose’ mix is perfect for coastal conditions.

To ensure you get the Best ~ call is on 0450 942 080!



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